Credit: Jackson Ruckar

Credit: Jackson Ruckar

Hi. My name’s Nick and I’m a storyteller.

You’ve found your way to my portfolio page, which either means you have some idea who I am and would like to know more or you have a very peculiar hobby. Either way, welcome!

Being a storyteller has shaped almost every major decision I've made in the past decade or so. My bachelor's in Media Study & Creative Writing and master’s in Arts Journalism all focus on the exploration of narrative design and really diving into what makes a good story, well... good.

Nowadays, I lead a double life—kind of like Batman. By day, I’m a Managing Editor at, a division of USA Today. There, I’m tasked with managing one of our feature series from top to bottom, which includes: content production, directing freelancers, balancing the budget, and all the other nuts and bolts that make it one of our most popular products. Outside of the office, I don a cape and cowl (okay, fine, a laptop filled with story notes and outlines) and fill my hours crafting compelling fiction.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to reach out on Twitter, by email, or Bat-Signal. Meanwhile, I’ll be exploring the world behind our own, waiting to see what discoveries can be made and what stories there are to tell.